Saturday, February 28, 2009

Where are you going?

"It doesn't matter how fast you go as long as you're going in the right direction." I heard this quote yesterday and it really made me pause. In our fast paced world, speed is often how we value results, but are they the results we are seeking?

Turner to Cezanne: Columbia Museum of Art

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Columbia Museum of Art helping prepare 3500 invitations for mailing to the opening of the blockbuster exhibition: Turner to Cezanne from the National Museum of Wales. There is much excitement in the air with Columbia being the first US city that this exhibition will travel to and crowds are expected from throughout the southeast.

I'm working on the gala decorations committee and have enjoyed getting to know museum staff and volunteers.

(click to enlarge) Columbia Museum of Art

(click to enlarge) Columbia of Museum employees, 
Meagan Warren, Development Manager (right) and Lisa (left).

(click to enlarge) The invitations arrive!

(click to enlarge) Museum Director Karen Brosius talks with 
Gala Chair Carol Shropshire about the progress of the exhibition.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I went back to Africa

Last night I went back to Africa. Well actually, Africa came to me. My friend and African Art dealer Demba Saccoh from Guinea, West Africa came to my home with a incredible array of African artifacts. Every visit I feel like I have traveled back to Africa or at least visited a blockbuster exhibition at a museum. He does sell to museums but I'm grateful that he always is willing to come to my home, even for a small few. Last night friends Deborah Farr, Bobbie Fischer, Ellen Taylor, Dolly Patton, Loretta Simpkins, Deanna Kuhlman (who brought guest Ken) and Tom Chinn (who brought guests Tim McLendon and Denise Dickinsen) also traveled back to Africa with me.

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

Demba always brings new items for us to see and touch and learn about. Last night was no exception. He brought kuba cloths, vessels, honey pots, shoes, dolls, swords, feathered head dresses, masks, tables, bells, copper money, doors, two healing stools and a large meditation bed. I love the textures of each piece and the stories he shares. Last night he seemed saddened, knowing the struggles his family is enduring in his homeland.

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) Kuba

(click here to enlarge) stool

(click here to enlarge) stool (insert)

(click here to enlarge) stool

(click here to enlarge) African copper money

(click here to enlarge) African vessel

(click here to enlarge) mask

(click here to enlarge) Demba Saccoh and me

I'm so grateful he came in to my life, he's such a loving, caring person. I'm going to meet his wife during my trip to New York this spring with David. I'm so looking forward to it. Until then, I'll think of him and his homeland every time I look at the small kuba cloth I purchased last night. Thanks Demba for taking me back to Africa.

(click here to enlarge) African head dress

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You are…

I remember reading once that you are what you see, what you feel, what you think, what you do, what you experience, what you read. This morning I am reading life is a verb by Patti Digh. The one line that speaks to me this moment is…write to remember.

(click to enlarge) a personal note from author Patti Digh

(click to enlarge) life is a verb

I started this book a couple of weeks ago and then left it at random arts in Saluda, NC for the author to sign during a book tour. Yesterday, my friend Jean Ross brought the book to me after visiting her mountain retreat in Columbus, NC. I was elated to read the inscription that she wrote. It reads,
for doni-
may your days be filled with love, laughter, and meaning!
love, Patti Digh

During my trip to Saluda, NC with Janette Grassi and Jean Ross, we attended a woven book workshop at random arts in Saluda, NC. We love the creative spirit that owner and artist Jane Powell exudes. We all had a great time weaving fabrics and stories and learning new techniques.

(click to enlarge) woven book

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The process of blogging

I've been working on my blog for several weeks and have grown more and more frustrated with the process. Thanks to friend Susan Lenz, I am now ready to move forward with the process. It is, after all, about moving forward.

Today I submitted work for the SABA juried art exhibition. Even that was a challenge, but a learning process as well. Now, I have to wait to see if I'm accepted. Or not. Who knows, art is so subjective. 

In the meantime, I'm going to finish some client work and get ready for a visit from African Art dealer Demba Saccoh. I always look forward to his visits. I feel like I've traveled back to his beautiful homeland  after seeing all the incredible works of art and artifacts.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SCPTA Statewide Student Art Competition: Reflections

I had a new art experience recently. I was asked by Jill Schneider of Greenville, SC to recruit judges for a statewide student art competition. It was the state level of the national PTA Reflections program for students (Early Elementary (grades 1-3), Elementary (grades 4-5), Middle and High school) throughout South Carolina at Lower Richland High School in Columbia on Saturday, February 7, 2009. The theme this year is WOW! and there were two categories to be judged…visual arts and photography.

My goal was to recruit judges which represented the diversity of South Carolina (gender, ethnicity, counties) and of art (mediums, education and experiences).

I was grateful to the following artists who graciously gave of their time, energy and expertise.

1. Liisa Salosaari Jasinski, Newberry, painter
2. Nick Cortin, Columbia, photographer
3. Ellen Kochansky, Pickens, fiber artist
4. Wendell Brown, Benedict College, art professor

(click to enlarge) Front row: Wendell Brown (l) and Nick Cortin
Back row: Doni Jordan(l), Ellen Kochansky (m) and Liisa Salosaari Jasinski (r).

The entries were judged on 3 criteria:
• creativity
• interpretation of the theme (WOW!)
• artistic merit

(click to enlarge) Benedict College art professor Wendell Brown (l) 
and photograher Nick Cortin (r) discuss each entry.

(click to enlarge) Photographer Nick Cortin carefully studies an entry.

(click to enlarge) Painter Liisa Salosaari Jasinski (front),
fiber artist Ellen Kochansky (middle) and mixed media 
artist Doni Jordan (back) discuss the visual art entries.

We were all amazed at the entries and found it difficult to narrow it down to the winners (three winners and three honorable mention in each age group). Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony in Greenville on April 25, 2009 and will advance to the national competition.