Sunday, March 1, 2009

Brian Rutenberg:SC Book Festival

(click to enlarge) Brian Rutenberg's book

Yesterday I went to the SC Book Festival at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center with my friend Kay Reardon. It was the first time I had ever been to the book festival but I had read Jeffrey Day's article in The State about Brian Rutenburg and I wanted to hear his art talk. Although Ruttenberg had a show two years ago at the SC State Museum, I was out of county and did not see the exhibition so I was not familiar with his new body of work.

(click to enlarge) Ruttenberg and Jeffrey Day

I'm so glad Kay and I made the effort to go to the show, despite the pouring rains and flooded streets. Rutenberg's art talk was a gift. He presented a slide show of some of his early drawings, his inspirations, his philosophy and his new body of work. He was a kind and very thoughtful person sharing his history and thoughts about color and art and his process of creating his massive paintings. When it ended, I felt like I had attended an art history class.

(click to enlarge) Ruttenberg and Kay Reardon

(click to enlarge) Ruttenberg and Doni Jordan

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