Monday, September 21, 2009

A Family Portrait

During the time that my niece Madison was with us this summer, I suggested she paint some family portraits. During our trip to Michael's to buy some art supplies she announced, "I was born to create art!" as we walked down the long, crowded aisles. At that very moment I was reminded why I love this little girl so much. It seemed destined that she and I would have such a close relationship since her mother was the flower girl at our wedding.

After she finished her family portrait series, I took a few shots when she left them out on the kitchen counter to dry.

(Click to enlarge). Her mother, Lenora.

(Click to enlarge). Her father, Jamie.

(Click to enlarge). Her grandmother and my sister, Rhonda.

(Click to enlarge). Her grandfather, Jacob.

(Click to enlarge). Not sure which family member this is!

(Click to enlarge). Her uncle, Joe.

(Click to enlarge). Her uncle, David.

(Click to enlarge). And of course, me! (and in my favorite color).

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