Monday, September 21, 2009

Three Weeks of JOY!

It often takes the joy of a child to remind us what's really important in our lives. This summer our 8 year old niece, Madison, spent 3 weeks with us. We spent a day on the beach at Hunting Island State Park, one of my favorite beaches in South Carolina, during our weeklong vacation at Fripp Island. We arrived just before sunrise and enjoyed our own private beach!

Maddie loves the ocean as much as I do and was especially drawn to the palmetto trees and tree stumps she discovered as she did handstands along the ocean front.

(Click to enlarge). Madison does handstands in the surf.

(Click to enlarge). Madison discovers more than sea shells on the beach.

(Click to enlarge). Madison kicks off her flip flops and kicks up her feet with joy!

(Click to enlarge). Madison hugs a tree.

(Click to enlarge). Madison takes a break atop a palmetto tree.

(Click to enlarge). Madison sits among the loggerhead turtle nesting sites.

(Click to enlarge). Madison discovers the lighthouse at Hunting Island State Park!

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