Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 South Carolina State Fair

Visiting the South Carolina State Fair with friends has become an annual ritual. We begin with viewing the adult and student art and then move to the floral and sand sculpture displays. This year the fair celebrated the Congaree National Park, South Carolina's only national park, which seemed appropriate after watching Ken Burn's educational series on national parks.

(click to enlarge). Janette Grassi and park ranger.

We were reminded that some of the most beautiful colors, textures and patterns are not found on museum walls but in nature when we visited the chicken coops.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:1.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:2.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:3.

(click to enlarge). Doves in flight.

(click to enlarge). Pheasants.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:4.

(click to enlarge). Poodle?.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:6.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:7.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:8.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:9.

(click to enlarge). Rooster:10.

(click to enlarge). Pheasants.

(click to enlarge). SC Farmers.

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