Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Talking Threads: a quilt + fiber arts symposium

I remember hand quilting with my paternal grandmother when I was a young girl during the endless summer that my dad was in Vietnam. I was so proud of my first quilt square until I discovered that while holding it in my lap I had sewn it to my dress. Although I was distraught, my grandmother quickly helped me dissolve my dilemma and once again I was a happy quilter. These memories all came flooding back to me on a rainy day at the Sumter County Gallery of Art in Sumter, SC as I attended the Talking Threads: a quilt + fiber arts symposium with my friends Kay Reardon and Susan Lenz.

(click to enlarge). The postcard itself was a work of art.

(click to enlarge). Dr. Marlene O'Bryant Seabrook, a contemporary
quilt maker from Charleston, SC presents her quilts

(click to enlarge). Dr. Marlene O'Bryant Seabrook
shares her work with the aid of Laurel Horton.

(click to enlarge). A closer look at her work.

(click to enlarge). Friend Susan Lenz stitching away!

(click to enlarge). After lunch, on to the next workshop.

(click to enlarge). Quilter Gustina Atlas at work.

At the end of Jon Eric Riis' presentation on historic tapestry, we viewed the exhibition Tradition/Innovation: American Masterpieces of Southern Craft and Traditional Art in the Sumter Gallery of Art.

(click to enlarge). A glimpse of the
Sumter County Gallery of Art.

(click to enlarge). Friend Kay Reardon carefully studies
the handiwork of a quilt.

(click to enlarge). Book Art!

(click to enlarge). Book Art expanded.

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Jenna Knight said...

I work for the Southern Arts Federation, the organizer of the Tradition/Innovation exhibit. I am writing a spotlight on the symposium in Sumter for an enewsletter and came across your great blog! Could we include a link to this entry in the article? Could we also have permission to use one of your photos? Please respond to my request at jknight@southarts.org if you are able. I'm so glad that you enjoyed the event. Thank you!