Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fiber Art Days

My friend Kay Reardon and I have spent the last few weeks creating fiber art together. It's a process that we both enjoy doing. We combine natural elements that we've gathered and dried.

(click to enlarge) Designing each piece is pure pleasure!

(click to enlarge) Nature is art!

(click to enlarge). Kay carefully measures and tears the fabric.

(click to enlarge). Doni tearing fibers.

(click to enlarge). Kay loved to paste as a child.

(click to enlarge). Kay stands to rest her back.

(click to enlarge) Works on the drying board.

(click to enlarge). Stitching each piece is one of the final steps.

(Click to enlarge). Doni stitches away.

(Click to enlarge). Kay attaches the finishing touches.

(Click to enlarge). Fiber pieces hang in Doni's kitchen window.


IDESIGN said...

Wow! I love these!!

doni jordan said...

Thanks for your feedback. We've enjoyed creating them so much!