Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upload: Art of the Digital Camera Phone

Just saw this announcement from the Upstairs Artspace in Tryon, NC…

At Upstairs Artspace, the 35th year kicks off with "Upload: Art of the Digital Camera Phone, an exhibit which explores the daily presence of the camera phone in our lives. Over 100 submissions included in this exhibit have come from from Turkey, Haiti, and Italy, and the USA from Maine to Florida and right in our own backyard. From children, photographers, artists and non-artists, this exhibit showcases works that might never have been seen if the digital revolution had not made cameras so accessible. This exhibit demonstrates everything from the spontaneity of the always-present mobile device to the creative manipulations and editing within the phone.

Colby Caldwell, professor of art at St. Mary's College of Maryland, the juror for the juried portion of the exhibit is a photographer who has shown widely both here and abroad. This show has been conceived and organized with the endless energy and creativity of Chris Tinkler.

Arline Boyce
Judd E. Daniel
Christopher Funk
Brian Ghiloni
Alessandro Greganti
Doni Jordan
Jennifer Kamell
Kimberly Nelson
Mellissa Parrish Pittman
Gary Peoples
Desmal Purcell
Amy Goldstein Rice
Harry Strider
Chris Tinkler
Gregory Wright

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