Thursday, April 20, 2017

ARTFIELDS 2017: Jones Carter Gallery

Nature's Sanctuary is an installation of a collection of over 400 dried botanicals and foliages enveloped in clear film bags float from the wall allowing shadows to be cast reminding us of their past yet present beauty. The collection, which includes exquisite orchids to roadside weeds, creates a refuge for discarded foliage and allows the viewer to find beauty in the shapes, structure, colors, textures and the seasons of nature.

The collection encompasses herbs, blossoms and foliage that were gathered from gardens and backyards, along the roadside, in public parks, on the beach, pulled from floral arrangements and are both wild, garden and hothouse grown

Hope you'll visit Artfields in Lake City, SC and check out my botanical installation in the Jones Carter Gallery from April 21-29, 2017! 

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